About Suncoast

SunCoast Network Solutions is an "Information Transport Systems" contractor, licensed in the state of Florida as a "Limited Energy" contractor with headquarters in Sarasota County. SunCoast specializes in the installation of computer network cabling, sound systems and low voltage control systems. In addition, our company provides maintenance services for on going support. SunCoast is equipped with a skilled staff of installation technicians capable of terminating, splicing, and testing both optical fibers and high pair count communications cables. We also install Category 3, Category 5, and Category 6 horizontal station cabling. SunCoast is a corporate member of BiCSi (Building Industry Consulting Service International) and we employ a full time RCDD (Register Communications Distribution Designer). SunCoast works on campus installation as well. We have experience building and extending backbone cable networks on large corporate, college and prison campuses. Our experienced staff will work with engineers, architects and owners who need campus backbone cabling and/or wireless communication networks installed.